Sunday, December 14, 2008

Color-ing away...

"Pink n' Purdy"

This was a 3D box that I made in my Color and Design course. I decided to go with different shades of red with black and white to create this piece. I utilized fabric trim to create some of the stems of the flowers as well as create an abstract floral. I wanted to give a chandelier effect with the crystals and hung them with fishing wire over the top of the box.

Attending weddings has turned from a privilege to a hobby in my stage of life thus far. I love to see the different color schemes as well as personalized ideas that each bride and groom put into their ceremony and reception sites. My friend asked me to help decorate her card box which is actually a birdcage which she inherited. I dressed it up in her wedding colors by lining it with ribbon, a peony (my favorite), butterflies and twigs. I love the idea of a birdcage and think it can serve so many different functions.

"True n' Blue"

A friend and I went out to lunch at this place called, "Blossom" and I loved the interior so much that I had to take a picture and share it. The walls are upholstered and I loved the contrast of the wallpaper to the lamp shades.

"Light n' Bright"

While walking around downtown Scottsdale, I came across this beautiful light inside of a restaurant and wanted to share it. I love the organic as well as luxurious feeling of this lamp and thinks it really makes the room.