Thursday, February 12, 2009

Historical Home Tour...

These are from a few months ago but something I thoroughly enjoyed...these are a few of my favorite interiors of the homes we visited at the Willow Historic Home district...enjoy!~

IIDA...and some more...

Check out this IIDA student blog. Once again...thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement!~

I had the privilege of going to the IIDA Couture Event and was even more excited seeing my friend's company win the show! It was really exciting to see the innovation and creativity put to use to make a garment. Congrats to all!~

The winning dress!~The red fabric is actually what is used on Herman Miller's Aeron chair and the grey dress is also HM fabric.

When I got home, I was surprised with this lovely bouquet which I turned into a few arrangements..=)

Moving forward...

Spring is in the air...(at least here in AZ) and I'm looking forward to finishing up my last two interior design classes. In the midst of all of this I'm also getting my share of CAD and learning the 20/20 CAP system. I'll put up some samplings within the next few weeks. I've also become the new co-president to our school's ASID chapter as well as joined IIDA. Also...I finally signed up to take the LEED exam! Let's just say that this semester is a full one but I'm excited to see what lies ahead...stay tuned and thanks again for visiting~